More Robots Fighting In Space: We Review 'War Tech Fighters'

More Robots Fighting In Space: We Review ‘War Tech Fighters’

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Sometimes you come across an Early access game and you kind of realize why it’s sitting in Early Access. The game can be a really fun game, but it can be hard to look at it with innocent eyes and not see some of the glaring flaws. So when we review games in this stage, we tend to leave out the star rating and judge it based on the merits of what it is trying to accomplish. Like the game you’re about to check out: War Tech Fighters from Drakkar Day and Green Man Gaming.

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Yes, that name is designed to invoke the pun “WTF”, so enjoy the mild laugh at the moment. The game is essentially mech space battles and pays homage to a lot of the anime that came before it where you have passionate pilots fighting inside a big hunk of metal. The game actually feels a lot more like Mechwarrior than any other property where you can change and upgrade pieces of your fighter, even change the color of how they look. You’ll head out on missions in your region of space, defeat enemies, come back, improve and do it over again.

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To start playing you pick a mission for your fighter and get launched into space. A good example of a battle is defending a base from enemy fighter ships who have come to do damage, and wouldn’t you know, there’s always some kind of debris or asteroids around to cause you havoc. You’ll use a combination of your rockets to maneuver, your gun to aim for long distance, and a sword to kill at a short distance to take care of your missions in true mechanized fighting style.

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Being in Early Access, War Tech Fighters has its share of issues. The first being that missions are simply going from Point A to Point B in defeating enemies and there’s no real changeup in the patterns. Repetitiveness is frequent, which can be a good thing if you’re trying to get better at the game but can immediately become dull once you’ve mastered everything and want to move onto a real challenge.

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Graphics wise, the game looks pretty good for an Early Access title. All of the bots work well and look amazing, the fighting sequences are well designed, the sips could use some work but they are the least-detailed aspect of what you’re working with. The space around you will feel like you’re really in the middle of space in an unknown region, with light sources and objects that really define the world you’re in.

credit//Green Man Gaming

Ultimately, War Tech Fighters is a decent game, but it does need a little more sanding around the edges and a better paint job on some of the aspects. Missions need a lot more variety, but that being said, these robots handle a lot better than other games in the same genre and there isn’t a major learning curve to overcome. As far as Early Access games go, it kinda sits above average, but it still has a ways to go before I would call it a good game.

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