Marco Ramirez Talks Keeping His Inner Fanboy Under Control On The Defenders Set

One of the best parts of the nerd takeover of Hollywood is that people are getting the chance to work on dream projects. Comic fans from all over the world are getting cast as the heroes they read books about as kids. It’s not just the actors but the creators and showrunners as well. Collider recently spoke to Marco Ramirez, the showrunner behind The Defenders, and asked him about how he kept his inner 10 year old under control.

99% of the time, I manage to keep my cool. I’m like, “This is fine. This is a job. I’m a professional. I’m an artist.” But 1% of the time, and I know I’m not the only person that feels this way because I know a lot of the actors and crew feel this way, we can’t believe what we’re able to do. So, that kid would do a couple of back flips, not that I would be capable of doing them, because I wasn’t. That kid would be really, really happy. So, when we’re out shooting in the back alleys of New York, at two in the morning when it’s really cold and everyone is really tired and wants to go home, it’s really smart to remember how excited that kid would be to be there. That’s what gets you through. I don’t want to get emotional or hokey or anything, but it’s also great to see kids fall in love with these characters all over again. At Comic-Con, I saw a young kid come up to Mike Colter and look at him like, “Oh, my god, you’re everything!” It was really touching and wonderful, and it was one of my favorite moments of working on the show. It’s great to be able to continue that legacy.

Ramirez lobbied hard for this position but he admits that, despite that, he didn’t think he was going to get the job.

Marvel Television

I wasn’t expecting this job. Not in my wildest dreams, when I was in the room on Daredevil Season 1, did I expect to be the guy standing on stage at Comic-Con when The Defenders premiered. That’s just not something I ever expected. So, when this job came about, it was one of those jump first things. It was absolutely a dream. I can’t talk much about what my vision was except to say that, at that time, I had seen the other shows and I had seen how important the other shows had been to so many people. I had seen how important Jessica Jones has been to so many people in my life, male and female. I had seen how important Luke Cage has been to people. So, beyond getting to work on The Defenders, the opportunity to work with these characters that were so important to so many people, and that clearly had so much to say in the cultural conversation, that’s where I was so excited to do it. I can’t believe I get to write for Jessica Jones. I can’t believe I get to live in Luke Cage’s world and write for Mike Colter and Simone Missick. Part of it was having a very emotional response that I get to do this.

Ramirez clearly has a lot of love and respect for these characters. It very much comes across in the show itself.

The Defenders Summary: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to fight crime in New York City.

Marvel’s The Defenders, created by Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez, stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, and Sigourney Weaver. It’s streaming on Netflix now.

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