Channing Tatum Says They Are Starting Over With Gambit

You have to give Channing Tatum credit; he really wants to make a Gambit movie. It’s a movie that has been sitting in development hell for years now but the star is determined to make this movie happen. There haven’t been a lot of movement on the production since director Doug Liman left but Tatum gave an interview with HeyUGuys and confirmed that they are starting over.

Gambit movie - Channing Tatum will not give up.

“We lit a fuse on the first one and just blew it completely out of the water. I think we got lucky – we got hit with some setbacks and it was all for a good reason. We were trying to do something completely different. We were trying to do something that this genre of movie hasn’t seen before. We kept running into the same problems, and then Deadpool and Logan came through and kicked the doors down. Now we’re really getting to do some of the things we’ve always wanted to do with the script – we’ve just sort of started over.”

This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be R-rated but more than Logan and Deadpool were both projects that felt true to their source material. They knew that they could shoot for a specific audience and that audience would bring in their friends to make up box office numbers. There plenty of people that didn’t know anything about Deadpool but once fans started to tell everyone about it people that weren’t originally interested went to go see it. If Tatum and his team approach this movie with the same love and passion that the team behind Logan and Deadpool did then we’re in for a treat.

If it ever gets out of development hell that is.

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