Take A Step Back In Time At The Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival!

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Tired of current events weighing you down? Do you need a fun way to escape? Are you in the Pennsylvania area? You’re in luck! The Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, located in Manheim, PA, runs from August 5th–October 29th, 2017. This is one of the longer festivals, taking up a solid three months. At-the-gate ticket prices are $31.95, but you can buy tickets online for a discount.

This was my first time at the festival, which is only an hour and a half from Baltimore. Parking is free, and regardless of where you park, there won’t be much of a walk. Located on the Mount Hope Estate Winery, guests of all ages can enjoy shows (including jousting!), live demonstrations, fair food, and just overall merriment. Plus, unlike the Maryland one, they have real restrooms (not port-a-potties) and paved roads, which is much easier if you’re in a wheelchair, crutches, or have trouble moving around. I also caught some of the juggling act, and since it was Celtic weekend (and bring your dog to the fair weekend), I got to see some traditional Celtic dancing, too. Overall, this is a fantastic fair, and I hope you get you check it out!

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