Otakon Cosplay Spotlight: Julia Rika As Nami From One Piece

Posted by August 19, 2017 Comment

Julia Rika has been dressing up her whole life, from her parents donning her in princess gowns to the costumes she would make in 4th grade — but she really got serious with cosplay a little over six years ago. It’s been an expression of true self to her, and to help her feel comfortable with who she was. It also gives her the persona to be her favorite characters, and it’s a confidence booster! Everyone should try cosplay at least once in their lives.

Her dream cosplays include Bayonetta, Anastasia, and every outfit for Sakura Haruno. Here she is below, cosplaying as Nami from One Piece. You can follow her on Facebook, as well as Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube under the name SakuraHarunoGirl!

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