Major Glitch Happening In An ‘Overwatch’ Escort Map

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There are a few issues happening within the Overwatch map Numbani that have players upset over the past few weeks. Below is a Twitch video making the rounds of a match with some highly ranked players, taken from the perspective of one of the defending players before the opposing team has won the vehicle. Check out the sudden shock as the game suddenly comes to a halt.

This glitch essentially freezes everyone in place and restarts the match, kicking out players as saying that they have been “quitting” matches. So far the problem is only found on PC and PS4, it has caused many players to lose large amounts of SP and even be banned from the server. According to reports on Blizzard’s own forums, the company has known about this issue since June and has yet to fix it, despite releasing a couple patches and the new character Doomfist during that time.

There’s no real strategy here for dealing with this as the map will continually reset until almost every player is kicked out or until the match is able to reach a conclusion on at least one side. But leaving a Numbani map in Overwatch before it even kicks off in Competitive Play will still be a mark against you, so if you’re afraid of tempting fate, best to wait it out in Free Play until it is addressed.

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