SummerSlam Protestors Want Donald Trump Out Of The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Donald Trump is the most wrestling president in the history of presidenting. A member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Trump’s association with the pro wrestling company goes back farther than his main event match at WrestleMania 23, all the way to WrestleManias 4 and 5, held at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. WWE owners the McMahons were donors to Trump’s campaign, and Linda McMahon was even appointed to the head of Trump’s Small Business Administration.

And one group of WWE fans are sick and tired of it! Well, actually, they don’t seem to be making much of a fuss about all of that other stuff. They just want him out of the Hall of Fame.

Trump and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in a WWE ring.

According to Gothamist, some WWE fans are gathering at 5PM Friday for a protest outside the Barclay’s Center, the site of this weekend’s 4-day SummerSlam extravaganza, to demand that WWE remove Donald Trump from the Hall of Fame. The protest is being organized by the website, whose mission states:

In short, our goal is for the WWE to remove Donald Trump from their Hall of Fame after his defense of white nationalists this past week.

The WWE removed Hulk Hogan from it’s Hall of Fame because of racist comments he made. We are asking the WWE to remove President Donald Trump from it’s Hall of Fame, effective immediately, because of his words defending white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. WWE claims to be an inclusive company. We are asking them to put their money where their mouth is and stand up to intolerant hate speech.

And it’s not that this isn’t a good point. But, just as a lot has been said about the content of Marvel’s comic books and comparatively far less about that company’s Chairman, Ike Perlmutter, serving as a close friend, advisor, and political donor to Donald Trump, so too does demanding that WWE remove Trump from the Hall of Fame without also demanding the company’s principal owners stop financially supporting him and literally serving on his presidential cabinet feel like a relatively small gesture in the grand scope of things. Maybe it’s letting companies like WWE and Marvel off the hook too easy.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter at a bill signing.

But that’s putting the cart before the horse, in any case. There’s no guarantee that WWE will listen to protestors and remove Trump from the Hall of Fame. Without access to WWE’s demographics, it’s hard to tell how much of their fanbase are likely to be Trump supporters, but simply listening to any random WWE live crowd gleefully chant U.S.A. when American (or, often, Canadian) wrestlers face off against a more obviously foreign “heel,” or bad guy,  would seem to indicate that Trump’s message could resonate with many wrestling fans. Offending Trump supporters could actually be bad for WWE’s business, which has already been suffering in both television ratings and live attendance lately.

In the wake of President Trump’s comments in the wake of the tragic death and violence caused by neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, some conservative politicians and business leaders have put aside their own self-interest, or at least seen it as being in their own self-interest, to publicly condemn and distance themselves from the President for those comments. Just don’t count on WWE to be one of them.

It could happen… but like Roman Reigns getting pinned in the Fatal Four Way this Sunday, it isn’t likely.


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