Marc Laming On X-Men Gold And Other Creative Changes To Jean Grey, Hulk And Prox Transmissions

Once upon a time in the mid-nineties, I first met Marc Laming when he was drawing a self-published title with Martin Shipp, Six Degrees. It was part of a boom in creator-owned comics with a commercial appeal at the time. I still have the set, and the thematic follow-up, Gyre. He’s worked on many, many projects since, including American Century, Grindhouse, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, Fantastic Four and Planet Hulk.

But there is always something special about working on the X-Men. And now, instead of the solicited RB Silva drawing X-Men Gold #14, Marc Laming will be. Pencilling and inking.

Still, nice one, Mark.

On that subject, #7 will now be drawn by Alberto Jimenez, instead of the previously solicited Victor Ibanez

Hulk #11 will now be drawn by Sebastian Carrillo, instead of the previously solicited Georges Duarte.

Doctor Strange #25  now has Juan Frigeri join the previously solicited Kevin Nowlan.

And Prox Transmissions, solicited with art by “Mirko Colak & more” now defines that “more” as Andrea Broccardo, Manuel Garcia, Marco Lorenzana, Martin Marrazzo and Tom Grummett.



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