'Friday The 13th' Launches A New Site & New Game Details

‘Friday The 13th’ Launches A New Site & New Game Details

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IllFonic got everyone’s attention today by revamping their website for Friday The 13th: The Game and gave minor details about some of the content to come. Below is the brief letter the devs put out on the website to spread the news.

Welcome to the new F13 website. We will be updating this site regularly with news, content updates, screenshots and more. We will also be adding new sections, including one that focuses on discussions we’re having internally, here at the studio. These discussions will focus on new features or ideas that we’re kicking around for the game. Think of this a sort of “behind the scenes” at Gun/Illfonic. We hope you enjoy the new site and please visit our forums to start new topics on content that you find here on the site. We frequent our forums and look forward to chatting with you. Thanks!

Along with this notice is an update to the “next patch” section, which details that smaller maps are on the way for all versions of Friday The 13th, which will probably be good and bad news for players depending on if you like being hunted or being the hunter. There’s also the rumors of two new camp counselors being added to the game soon, along with new Jason kills that are currently being filmed, but no timetable has been given for either.

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