Ed Boon Teases Next ‘Injustice 2’ Hero Pack For Gamescon

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Gamescon is looking to be packed with more reveals that PAX West at this point, as the latest teaser came out for Injustice 2. Ed Boon took to Twitter to show off the photo below as a teaser image for what’s to come, serving as the official announcement that the next set of heroes to be added to the fighting game will be announced next week at the event.

Not a ton of imagery to go off of, right? What you’re basically looking at is the silhouette of an arm with some items protruding from the shoulder and bicep. Fans are already away from the clarity of previous teaser images that both Mortal Kombat icon Raiden and longtime Aquaman villain Black Manta are on the way at some point, but this particular image doesn’t match either of them in any incarnation, so you’re looking at someone totally new.

Rumors have already started to swirl online with suggested characters including Captain Atom, Enchantress, Doomsday, Grundy, Azrael, Beast Boy, and even Spawn. Knowing the way that Boon and NetherRealm Studios tend to play with the property, we’re probably getting someone out of left field that will be totally unexpected. You really wanna mess with fans heads, Ed? Give us The Question! Unless some kind of leak happens between now and the convention, we’ll find out the details is less than a week.

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