The Mutants Of Fox’s The Gifted Get Character Posters

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The X-Men are making their second live action debut this fall on Fox. The new show, called The Gifted, has released some new information and character posters about the more established mutants in the series. In an interview with TV Insider executive producer Matt Nix talks about the various mutants he wanted in the series and the new one he created just for the show.

“[The Gifted] is really about the mutants who have been left behind,” says Matt Nix.

The Gifted - Eclipse - Sean Teale

Played by Sean Teale
Origin The Gifted
Debut 2017
Power Photon manipulation
The New Guy “Eclipse is an original character to this show, but that doesn’t mean he’s just a random guy,” says Nix, who also teases that “Eclipse has a relationship [to someone] that we’ll explore.”

The Gifted - Blink - Jamie Chung

Played by Jamie Chung
Origin The Uncanny X-Men #317
Comics Debut 1994
Power Teleportation
Ready for Her Close-Up Played by Fan Bingbing in Days of Future Past, Blink is the only character on The Gifted to have appeared in one of the X-Men films. “Why is Blink there?” asks Nix. “We will build up the mystery.”

The Gifted - Polaris - Emma Dumont

Played by Emma Dumont
Origin The X-Men #49
Comics Debut 1968
Power Electromagnetic abilities
Who’s Your Daddy? “I lobbied hard to get Polaris,” Nix says. “She’s Magneto’s daughter. [Magneto’s supervillain team] The Brotherhood isn’t around either. Where did they go? And what is our Polaris’s relationship to Magneto?”

The Gifted - Thunderbird - Blair Redford

Played by Blair Redford
Origin Giant-Size X-Men #1
Comics Debut 1975
Power Super speed, strength and enhanced senses
A Safe Haven “He’s Native American, so his relationship to what they’re doing is a little different. I liked the idea of reservations [providing sanctuary and aid] to refugee mutants,” Nix says.

The Gifted premieres Monday, October 2nd at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. C on Fox.

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