Prey Now Comes In A Trial Version

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Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Prey may have been a highly anticipated reboot, but the game has been plagued with issues since launch. It doesn’t help that speed-runners have gotten around to beating the game in just minutes. But underneath the graphic instability, save file corruptions, and too-open world structure, Prey is an exciting game if you love lore. Or perhaps if you just love reading e-mails between fictional scientists.

That you get to play around with things like spooky action at a distance, shape-shifting, and body modifications just makes things a little more fun. So if you’ve been wanting to try Prey without paying for a game that might prevent you from progressing by corrupting your previous save files, or by inducing seizures with flickering graphics, there is now a trial version of the game.

And because this is 2017, that trial comes with a new trial version highlight trailer — because every announcement needs to come in video form.

Prey is available now as both a trial and a full game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The trial video is below.

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