When Peter Parker Googled Miles Morales, What Did He Really Find? (Spider-Men II #2 Spoilers)

When Peter Parker Googled Miles Morales, What Did He Really Find? (Spider-Men II #2 Spoilers)

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Back in the days of your at the conclusion to the Spider-Men series when Miles Morales crossed dimensions with Peter Parker for a double Spider-Men storyline, Peter Parker went back to his own world. And decided to Google for Miles Morales, to see if there was one on Earth 616 as well.

He found something. And reacted.

Today, we discover exactly what he found.

Is that… is that really enough for a surprised “Oh my god” reaction. When you discover that someone from another dimension doesn’t have a counterpart in this one? I’d hate to see Peter Parker’s face when he discovers that there are no results for “Xerxes Satsuma” either. I mean, obviously there are now, because I’ve just typed it and published it, and Google has probably tracked it between then and now.

Or could it be that he was surprised, since he searched without quote marks, not to even get how far in miles it is to get to Morales in Guatemala? Because yes, that would suggest that someone called Miles Morales has the ability to get Google to stop anyone search for his name ever and always bringing up empty results. And people who are searching to find out how far it is to that town in Guatemala before they plan a family visit or some such are constantly stumped as a result. That might indeed produce an “oh my God” reaction – but then wouldn’t Peter Parker at least look into it? Which, from this comic at least, he didn’t.

It does seem that Brian Bendis, writer of both books, either changed his mind between then, or had no idea what the answer would be, it was just a cool way to end a series. And would keep people guessing for years…

Spider-Men II #2 by Brian Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Elisabetta D’Amico and Justin Ponsor was published today by Marvel Comics. Xerxes Satsuma was not involved.

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