Nick Spencer: People Have Chosen Equivalence As A Way Out Of Moral Conduct

Posted by August 16, 2017 Comment

On Sunday, Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer was stuck at the airport, waiting on a flight.

What better way to pass the time than with some political tweeting?

But Twitter, a temperamental beast, decided to respond by bringing up some inconvenient comparisons:


The reference is to Nick Spencer’s thoughts on Nazi-punching, particularly the punching of Richard Spencer (no relation), detailed here in a previous article.

And it wouldn’t be long before Spencer’s original tweet proved to have more versatility than originally intended:

But that wasn’t a battle for today. Spencer had other things he wanted to get off his chest:

It was then he tweeted this:

And we know how that ended. With another article on Bleeding Cool.

Is it time to leave yet?

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