Alan Moore Introduces The First Collection Of Ken Reid's Faceache

Alan Moore Introduces The First Collection Of Ken Reid’s Faceache

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My early life was steeped reading comic strips by Ken Reid. Co-creator of the infamous Machiavellian prototype for the likes of Littleffinger from Game Of Thrones and Colin from Press Gang, Roger the Dodger is part of the British lexicon now. But for me, his greatest creation was the shapeshifting comic strip Faceache for the weekly comic Jet, and later in Buster, where I came across it. A kid who could change his face into anyone else’s with the sound effect “SCRUNGE”


…still pops up in places. Such as The Avengers comics.


Now, he is getting a collection of his classic strips. Faceache: The First 100 Scrunges from Rebellion. And The Hollywood Reporter, of all places, has the exclusive news that Alan Moore will be writing an introduction, alongside another from Ken’s son, Antony Reid. This will be the first collection of the first Faceache stories, and will be published in hardcover on November 30th.


But it’s not quite the first time Alan Moore had dealt with Faceache. He also worked on a version for the series Albion published by Wildstorm Comics, which revived all sorts of British kids comics through a series of buyout moves that ended up with Warner Bros owning many of the rights. Also the last time Alan Moore ever wrote a comic work-for-hire…

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