Greg Capullo Says ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ Is Going To Be Face Melting

Tomorrow sees the release of the much anticipated Dark Nights: Metal from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo… and Capullo may have brought a wee bit of a heavy metal edge into the series as we see his “horns” cover and how he did the following interview in front of a wall of guitars. He refers to the series as the most face melting, over-the-top, fun, rock n’ roll show you can ever expect to get out of comics. He says Snyder wrote this geared towards Capullo’s heavy metal sensibilities.

Dark Nights: Metal

He goes on to talk about how he tries to pick up on the vibe Snyder has in his story and amplify it. As for Batman’s look, Capullo is trying to keep it consistent, but the Dark Knight does appear in some battle armor which will be a new look for the character. But what he really enjoyed doing was creating the seven evil Batmen who are the villains in the first issue. These are Batman’s worse nightmares according to Capullo, with a villain for each of the member of the JLA. And he hopes they give readers some nightmares of their own.

Capullo likes to play with Snyder to get back for Snyder pushing him as an artist. When the writer finishes a script and send sit over, Capullo says that Snyder is anxious for feedback, to hear what he thinks of it. So to mess with Snyder, Capullo will wait a while before responding, letting Snyder send a few follow up texts before writing back “It’s okay” or something like that, just to mess with his collaborator.

As for the series going forward, Capullo continues the heavy metal themed metaphors talking about the Marshall stacks behind them (a reference to guitar amps) and turning them all up to 11 (a Spinal Tap reference). But his metaphors get a bit away from him when they end with the destruction of the series fan base… Capullo may want to try switching to decaf after this series.

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