The CW Shares The Top 5 Fights From Supergirl Season 2

The CW is periodically releasing videos that highlight certain things from Supergirl Season 2. This week, they’ve put out a list of the five best fights from the season.

This video reminds me that Supergirl isn’t a show about fights. Arrow is a show about fights. They have one of the best stunt teams in the industry and put on some great-looking action sequences. Supergirl is more about powers, so when there is a fight, there’s a lot of punching and throwing things…but not a lot of artistic moves.


The list of fights shown is interesting in that two of them are with heroes being controlled…Supergirl vs. Mon-El and Supergirl vs. Superman. And one features Winn Schott hitting an alien with a rock twice. These were all emotionally charged fights, but not high-skilled ones. Not shown is anything involving Guardian, the one character that should be involved in more physical and skilled fights. Perhaps Oliver Queen needs to take a few weeks vacation on that Earth to do some training with Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Guardian.

I agree the Supergirl vs. Superman was the best fight of the season, because it was so out of the blue and emotional. But I think for actual fighting, I think Supergirl vs. Draaga was the most fun to watch. It was one of the few fights in the series where she was on an almost equal power level with someone that she wasn’t emotionally tied to. Draaga was just a big, strong gladiator type of fighter that needed to be beaten. Superman has always been a tough character to write because of his power levels — it’s hard to come up with villains that can pose a real threat to the Man of Steel. This carries over to his cousin Kara, as well.

Supergirl returns October 9th to the CW.

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