Pirate Themed Loot Boxes Will Be In 'Skull And Bones'

Pirate Themed Loot Boxes Will Be In ‘Skull And Bones’

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Not too much of a shocker from Ubisoft as the devs talked about Skull And Bones to GameSpot in an interview about the forthcoming game. It seems we’re just never going to shake having loot crates/boxes/hauls/supplies moving forward with life as they have become the new DLC, so the fact they’re becoming the norm isn’t too surprising, but it is a little surprising to see it in this particular game.


In an interview, creative director Justin Farren talked briefly about the inclusion of the system and what it would entail. Here’s a brief snippet from that chat, and I’d encourage you to read the full interview as it has some perspective on where the devs are planning to take the series once it comes out next year.

GameSpot: Everyone’s talking about loot boxes today. Are there gonna be loot boxes?

Farren: Loot boxes? You mean like in the general market?

GameSpot: Yeah, well, just thinking about how an Overwatch game has loot, is there gonna be a system like that?

Farren: So, our economy emulates the real economy of the Indian Ocean, so things that are important to the people who are shipping goods, the merchants, … the empires, those things are important to you. There’s nothing more pirate-y than the treasure chest.

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