Hulk Saves Day, Sells Cars In Brazilian Commercial For Renault

Hulk Saves Day, Sells Cars In Brazilian Commercial For Renault

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Puny humans! Hulk is the strongest there is! Hulk is strongest both in actual strength, and in salesmanship! Raarrgh!

Hulk guest starred in commercial for French auto manufacturer Renault. In commercial, puny man driving flimsy metal car when he sees poster of Hulk, looking strong. Turns out, flying metal box is going to crash into puny earth buildings, so Hulk leap into action.

As Hulk runs and leaps through city, car shows off incredible performance of Renault vehicles, even handling potholes created by Hulk’s big, strong feet. When it comes to cars, Renault is the strongest there is. Not when it comes to everything else though. Hulk is the strongest in all other cases.

Hulk look good in commercial. That’s because special effects handled by Framestore, which work with Marvel  before, according to puny website Animation World Network.

In end, Hulk saves day as Renault SUV makes it to destination faster than Hulk. Hulk does not know why he saves humans. Puny humans always bother Hulk, shooting Hulk with their little guns like insects. Hulk should smash humans, but he smashes flying metal box instead before it wrecks’ humans’ building. Wrecking humans’ buildings is for Hulk anyway, not for flying metal box.

Watch commercial below, puny humans!

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