Oni Press Launches Tabletop Games Imprint

Comic book sales may not be doing so hot this year, but Portland-based publisher Oni Press has a great idea to diversify their offerings and protect themselves from the crash at the bottom of the cliff Marvel is leading the industry off.

Oni is launching a new tabletop games division following the response to the upcoming Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game from Renegade Game Studios, based on the Oni Press graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, as well as other dabblings in the tabletop gaming world. Oni Games will partner with new and veteran game designers and established publishers to bring the worlds of its creator owned comics properties to the tabletop.

“As fans of the exciting developments and explosive growth in modern tabletop, we are excited to bring the same level of quality and execution in our creator-owned comics and graphic novels to the world of board games,” said Oni Press’ VP of Creative/Business Development and future board game millionaire, Charlie Chu. “The opportunity to bring our library of fun, accessible, and idiosyncratic comics and graphic novels to life from page to cardboard is irresistible.”

“I am excited to be joining the talented team at Oni Press as they embark upon a new initiative within the realm of games,” said game industry veteran Steve Ellis, who is teaming up with Oni on the project. “I look forward to working with many talented game designers and developers to bring some of the amazing Oni Press properties to life in new interactive ways.

Finally, Oni Publisher James Lucas Jones contributed a comment, part of the sacred corporate ritual known as Amoris Commutationem, the exchange of complimentary statements in a press release. “We’re so thrilled to have a multifaceted talent like Steve working with Charlie to breathe life into this new category for our business. We’re fired up for Gen Con and can’t wait to meet with game industry friends new and old at the show to discuss what all we have cooking as part of Oni Games.”


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