The Making Of A Hero: ‘Titan The Ultra Man #2’ On Kickstarter

Posted by August 12, 2017 Comment

Tony Kittrell writes:

What would you do if you had the power to move mountains?

That is the question posed in the new Titan the Ultra Man #2 Kickstarter, which is now live. This book focuses on regular everyman and career firefighter Marcus Cameron who, through an accident, gains miraculous abilities. Like all of us, he has issues and problems that he deals with while juggling an alter ego as the world’s mightiest hero.

Picking up where the first issue left off, Titan is still trying to make use of his newfound powers and be what the world needs most during these troubling times: a hero! As the protector of Sky City, Titan comes across new allies, new enemies, and even receives a new costume in this action-packed issue. But if the deadly villains Atom Smasher and Mauler have their way…this will be Titan’s last stand!

I know what you are thinking: “Been there, seen that in a superhero comic book before.” I ask that you give this book a try, because we are trying to put a new spin on this as the series evolves.

As an introduction to Titan the Ultra Man, I will be creating a special Bleeding Cool Reward Tier, which will be in effect for this weekend only. The reward package will be stuffed with goodies, including both digital/print copies of Titan The Ultra Man #1 & 2, The Regulators #1 print copy, Cosmos #1 print copy, and a commemorative print that will bring you up to speed on the series, as well as net you some pretty cool swag for a pledge of $14 or more. Furthermore, if we hit our funding goal by this Sunday, every backer will receive a special print by superstar artist Dheeraj Verma, on top of everything else!

We need to hit the funding goal to get the book printed and distributed, so your help will be greatly appreciated — so back this comic and prepare to be entertained!

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