Ever Wish You Could Take Your Cat On A Date? Now You Can With Purrfect Date

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Have you ever sat there, wondering what it would be like to go on a date with a cat? Certain your pet feline is your only soulmate? Well, now you can embrace your inner cat lady with a cat dating sim.

From developer Bae Team and publisher Bossa Studios, publisher of Surgeon Simulator, comes cat dating sim/visual novel Purrfect Date. The game, coming to PC and iOS this winter, has human players date talking cats while uncovering the mysteries of Cat Island.

Purrfect Date is split into seven chapters, where you assume the role of different research assistants who are trying to uncover the secrets of Cat Island while going on dates with various fancy felines. So not only do you go through various research scenarios and balance your stats, you get to romance your choice of suitor.

The game is said to be inspired by the likes of Hatoful Boyfriend, Pony Island, and Undertale. Purrfect Date is being developed by two people: Bossa Studios’ content producer and Bae Team co-founder Oliver Hindle, and his girlfriend and other Bae Team co-founder Ruby-Mae Roberts.

“Cats, intrigue, dating sims, the TV show Lost… all of these things became the ingredients that went into making Purrfect Date,” said Roberts said in a statement.”It’s an amalgamation of everything we love, and in essence, a love letter to each other (and cats).”

I don’t know if that’s sweet but terrifying or just straight up terrifying.

The official announcement trailer for Purrfect Date is below.

Purrfect Date is a cross between a visual novel, dating sim, and dark British comedy, where you, a human, will get to date cats and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Cat Island.

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