Ms. Money In The Bank Takes Down Naomi With Help From James Ellsworth

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Carmella is kind of a bully, which is what she demonstrated at the beginning of last night’s match when she slapped Naomi down on the mat. Naomi quickly rebuffed, kicking the pretty money pant-wearing lady out of the ring. The match got heated quickly, with Carmella being dominant for some time. She pinned the champion a number of times, and just when it looked like Naomi was done for, for found her second wind, crawled to the turn buckle, and started a series of kicks, finished with a jaw breaker.

These two are very evenly matched, which made for great entertainment. Unfortunately James Ellsworth came out of nowhere to take down Naomi, giving Ms. Money in the Bank the win. It’s a little insulting to Carmella. She is a great wrestler and is capable on her own, and having someone come in to save her each time really cheapens her abilities.

Check out the big finish below.

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