There Will Be A Reward System For Clans In ‘Destiny 2’

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A quick snippet from an interview conducted by Heavy reveals that Destiny 2 will not be leaving clans behind when it comes to rewards. The website had a chat with Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ where he partially talked about how clans will receive rewards for clearing objectives as a group. Here’s the quote below, but the interview itself is a great read about their work on refining the community at large.



DeeJ: You’ll find that being a member of a clan is extremely beneficial. Every member of your clan will earn rewards as you do things and the more you do things the more they will be rewarded. One of the obstacles to the “doin” is getting six people together to do.  So many clans will say “Yeah we’re going to raid last night, but two people didn’t show up at the last minute and I’m pretty pissed about it.” Now, Guided Games, open your doors. So the clans, from an emotional standpoint, are going to be the leaders of this new community. You’re going to be the ones that introduce solo players to the glory that has always eluded them You’ll understand the clan progression and the clan rewards system when you play. I’ll leave that to the social designers to break to you in the game.  The fact that clans are more accessible in the game – You know, we used to give people free real estate in our community, on our website, in the Destiny Companion. Somebody who wants to become a digital warlord could go in and say “I’m starting my clan. I’m inviting people to come in.” Now that experience can exist away from the second screen and they can, inside of the game, facilitate recruitment.

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