Now You Can “Enjoy” Microtransactions In ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’

I don’t believe there’s anyone around who genuinely enjoys having a microtransaction system put into any game. Yes, it is a way for the company to make more money off of a new title, and keeps the system active through purchasing your way through stuff you can’t get. But the minute you see a store added to any game, I think a sliver of our gaming souls dies off while asking the single phrase question “Seriously?” Today, we learned that Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War will join that group of games.

credit//WB Games

The word came out through WB Games’ forums where the image above was a part of a post where the company basically announced a new market in the game. There’s a very lengthy description of how you can obtain loot boxes through combat and trials and all sorts of challenges, but it isn’t without the ability to purchase those same boxes with your credit card. The cost for gold in the game has yet to be determined, so while there is a system in place they haven’t figured out the monetary value of everything just yet.

What are your thoughts of seeing a microtransaction system in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War?

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