‘Nightwing’ Director Defends The Film’s Absence From The Comic-Con DCEU Slate

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Warner Bros. kicked off the DCEU section of their panel at San Diego Comic-Con by showing us a bunch of logos for in development DC movies. Those logos haven’t been leaked to the public yet, but they included movies that were barely announced let along have logos such as Wonder Woman II. However, there were a few exceptions to those listed logos. One of them is Gotham City Sirens and the other is the announced Nightwing movie.

This has led to people talking about how the only explanation for these projects being left off, when nothing got release dates, is that they are in trouble. Director of the Nightwing film Chris McKay was asked about it on Twitter and reassured Nightwing fans that there is nothing to worry about:

So it sounds like everything regarding running smoothly for Nightwing. The movie was only just announced in wake of The LEGO Batman Movie becoming a hit, so it’s not like the movie has been in development for years or anything like that. McKay just wants to make sure that they get this production right — he seems to have a lot of love and passion for the character and wants to do him justice. It’s a good sign for a slowly improving film franchise.

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