The Last Of Us Part II Might Take Place In The Ruins Of Seattle

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Few official details about The Last of Us Part II have been revealed, but some intrepid Redditors have discovered clues in the sequel’s concept art which may indicate that part of the game is set in the ruins of Seattle.

Reddit user Voldsby compiled and compared a number of images, including two key pieces of concept art originally unveiled during The Last of Us Part II‘s PSX 2016 panel that hint that the game may partially take place in Seattle, Washington. Voldsby created a few composite images to organize and back his theory, which appear unaltered below.

The first image depicts a public parking garage lit by firelight. Though a few cars, a hooded figure, and trees obscure part of the structure, check out how much the image compares to a shot of a public parking garage close to Seattle’s Millennium Tower.

The second piece of concept art offers a few points of comparison that further bolster the idea that the game will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the second installment.

To note in the comparisons below — as Redditors observed, nestled in the back of the image is a building with the word “Driftwood” printed on it, which in nearly identical font, is located on the front of Seattle’s Buttnick Building as part of Driftwood Sportswear’s signage. The beginning of the word “Buttnick” on the side of the real-world location also appears trailing off the side of the building in the concept art.

Additionally, the parking signs, both the “P” located inside a blue circle and the blue sign signifying “2-hour parking” in the art look the same as the parking signs used in Seattle.

And lastly, as noted in the image below, Reddit users pointed to the fact the Buttnick Building and the parking structure are within walking distance of one another.

Seattle map — ABM Parking structure at the top of the photo, Buttnick/Driftwood building below.

Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have commented on the theory yet, but we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything through official channels.

Seattle is not a long shot as far as locations for The Last of Us Part II go, as the original game took place throughout several states in America, including Texas, Wyoming, and Utah.

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