Life Is Feudal’s Closed Beta Results Are In, Now In Video Form

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Ever feel like when you play some games that your contributions don’t really have an impact? It’s just hunt, grind, kill, rinse, and repeat? Well, hearty adventurers, prepare for something new and awesome, as in Life is Feudal: MMO, every move you and your fellow players make is an important part in making the game experience as real as it can be – and today, developer Bitbox has given us a new video that illustrates just how much you and your fellow players can change the game world.

Ostensibly this video is a showcase of the highlights from the fourth closed beta test, but really just highlights one of the small ways in which having an independent developer and publisher makes a difference in your gaming experience. Honestly, the “who lived, who died, who ruled, and who cried?” video should have been more of a Hamilton reference, but its a cute enough idea that I’m willing to shelve my title complaints.

In the new video, Bitbox features a chronicle of all the exciting things that took place during the recent Closed Beta. Guilds were formed territories were conquered and foes were vanquished in this most recent Closed Beta, along with more than 2300 homes built, 43 guild monuments erected, and 135 new guilds emerging across the realm. The video illustrates that every move you make in Life is Feudal: MMO shapes the game world in more ways than one.

Learn more about the stats from the recent Closed Beta (and see if one of your contributions was showcased) in the video below.

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