It’s The Flash Vs Black Lightning In The Latest DC Versus

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It’s Friday so we get another round of DC Versus and this week sees The Flash vs Black Lightning. It’s an interesting match up and one we may get to see in live action if the new Black Lightning series with Cress Williams does well on the CW. Seeing him battle against or with Grant Gustin’s Flash would be a lot of fun. But we’re not looking at the live-action versions right now, but rather their comic book counterparts.

Flash vs Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a powerhouse and as long as he remains in control of his abilities, he is on par with a lot of the big hitters in the DC universe. He’s also a gifted athlete and trained in hand-to-hand combat by Batman. In other words, he’s no slouch. The problem is that he’s being pitted against Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. Barry is already smart, but his speed allows him to think faster than anyone else. He can dodge attacks and counter with a dozen of his own. The only real way to beat the Flash is negate his speed or the effect of it. Slow it down or make what he can do at that speed useless. Superman can beat the Flash because Barry doesn’t have the strength to really hurt Clark no matter how many times he hits him. For Jefferson Pierce to have a shot at defeating the Scarlet Speedster, he would need to control the environment, guaranteeing that the Flash would be at a certain spot exactly when his lightning would strike. Not impossible, but highly improbable.

Plus… the Flash can throw lightning of his own. I’ve got to give this one to The Flash.

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