Arcade Chaser: Sportland In Ocean City, Maryland – Tickets Galore!

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Ocean City, Maryland is a popular tourist spot in the Delmarva area. Millions of people flock to the beach every summer to enjoy the waves, the food, and of course, the boardwalk. On said boardwalk is a number of attractions, ranging from carnival rides, a museum, a haunted house, and arcades.

There’s a few arcades scattered on the boardwalk, but I only had time to visit one. Sportland sits right near the beginning of the boardwalk, and seems to always be crowded. Most of the games are ticket machines, so it’s basically gambling for kids. There’s also a number of claw machines, VR experiences, shooting games, fighting games, and two pinball machines.

We spent $10 in coins and got around 550 tickets, which isn’t bad. Arcades like this remind me of summer, but I sincerely wish they had more arcade games, even though this is pretty much the norm for most arcades now. Sportland is loud, crowded, and slightly dirty. But therein lies the charm: if it were any more sterile, kids wouldn’t want to go there, and frankly, neither would I. Live long and prosper, Sportland.

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