So Who Are The Justice League’s Future Children Anyway? And Where Is Lois? (Justice League #28 Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of Justice League #26 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert and Brad Anderson. And the introduction, following the appearance of the timefluid Infinity Corps of the children of the Justice League trying to stop their parents from doing… whatever. Twenty-somethings from twenty years in the future, so Damian and Jonathan would be too old…

And while there are spoilers in this article, I would like to point out that DC Comics did it first, releasing the final page of the issue to promote it…

So who do we have? Six figures.


Hunter Prince, seemingly the son of Wonder Woman and Superman. Which should get Hell Yeah Wonder Woman And Superman back in the game.

Eldoris Curry, daughter of Aquaman, and known as Serenity. Or Dory.

Sorry, Serenity it is.

We have Jason Allen and Jenny Allen, Wonder Twins with Green Lantern powers… but it’s Nora Allen or Cruise who appears to be Jessica Crus’ daughter with Barry Allen and pointing her finger at her mother in the image up top

And we have Cube, daughter of Cyborg… could her mother be Killer Frost by the design?

Oh and Sovereign of course… welcome to the… or a… future of the DC Comics Universe. Sorry Lois. Or course, unless these are all from the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead, somehow.

Infinity stones? Not another Marvel/DC crossover in the offing? And, more seriously, is Bryan Hitch using the Justice League to tell an Authority-style story?

Wonder Woman is wanting to change the mission parameters of the Justice League – could it be that kind of action that dooms the world?

And only the results of such action can stop it. So, what did happen to Lois Lane in that future anyway?

Justice League #26 is published today.

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