Is JH Williams III Returning To Detective Comics? Could Batwoman Get Married Again?

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In 2013, W Haden Blackman and JH Williams III decided to leave their award-winning Batwoman comic after they were told that the lead character would not be allowed to get married. This was part of what was then a line-wide edict against DC Comics; lead characters getting married, and one that in the New 52 relaunch saw the legally binding relationships between Clark and Lois, Arthur and Mera, Barry and Iris ripped asunder.

With DC Rebirth, marriages were allowed again. Arthur proposed to Mera. Clark and Lois were rewritten to they had been married for over a decade. And Batman even popped the question to Catwoman.

So what of Batwoman, currently starring in the series Detective Comics? Well, this week’s All-Star Batman #12 may have a secret to share.

The back-up strip by Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael Scavone, Sebastian Fiumara, Trish Mulvihill, Lee Loughridge and Steve Wands may hide a message.

1/9.3/9 BLLFNGR would be a recognition of Bill Finger as co-creator of Batman from 1939.

But DT: 0971JHW3? That would be Detective Comics #971 and JH Williams III.

Detective Comics #969 is solicited for the end of October. So could JH Williams III be returning at the end of December? And, if he is returning to the book, might that also mean that Batwoman could be continuing with a version of her original storyline? Wedding bells in the belfry again?

Or is this really just a mishmash of random numbers and letters?

Thanks to Connellingus on SomethingAwful, a forum I don’t have access to, but from where a screencap has been sent!

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