Attendees Of ‘Pokémon GO’ Fest Planning To Sue Niantic

Multiple sources are reporting today that attendees of the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago are seeking legal action against Niantic and other festival organizers. According to Polygon, “Chicago-based attorney Thomas Zimmerman said he was contacted by Jonathan Norton, a California local who traveled to the area for the event. Since then, Zimmerman told Polygon that “20 or 30” others have joined the class-action suit.”

Pokémon GO Fest fest was plagued with problems from the get-go, starting with players not being able to pick up a signal, start the app, or even be able to log in. Organizers tried to apologize with in-game credits as opposed to offering any kind of full refund. Niantic released two legendary Pokémon as a way to make it up to the fans, only for the raid feature to crash and gyms to stop working. And all of this culminated with a widespread failure of the server across multiple countries. If you paid to go to this thing, you’d probably be pissed as well.

Now granted, Pokémon GO Fest was no Woodstock ’99, there weren’t any assault cases or theft (that we know of) during the festivities. The festival itself was essentially a long list of inconveniences in hot Chicago weather with fans who don’t appreciate wasting their money. Whether or not Niantic is at fault is for a court to decide if it does go that far, but considering all the eyewitness accounts and total failure on the company’s part to do a proper refund, it’s probably a safe bet Niantic won’t be throwing another festival again.

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