Zatanna As A Hogwarts Professor? Frank Cho Commissions From SDCC

Zatanna As A Hogwarts Professor? Frank Cho’s Sketch Covers And Commissions From San Diego Comic-Con

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Frank Cho spent his San Diego Comic-Con creating sketch covers and taking commissions…and then posting them for all his fans to enjoy. And, yes, as ever, they are in a certain oeuvre. Beginning with a private commission of Zatanna getting a position as professor at Hogwarts.

zatanna hogwarts

Zatanna art commission done, ready for pick-up at San Diego Comicon.

And the sketch covers, beginning with Mary Jane and her loving stay-at-home husband.

Some practical tips for superheroines…

Mary Jane loves wheat cakes, sketch cover.

Here’s the third sketch cover I did at San Diego Comicon. The wheat cake joke became the sleeper hit of the summer and I was bombarded by fans wanting more wheat cake loving Mary Jane art.

So, why disappoint the fans? Ask and you shall receive. Wheat cakes for everyone!

Black Cat and Spider-Man sketch cover.

Here’s the second sketch cover I did at San Diego Comicon. I always wondered if superheroes stretched and warmed-up before battles. Because, let’s face it, fighting is a very strenuous exercise

And a flashback to an unfortunate costume of choice for The Invisible Woman from the ’90s. Man, that was a strange decade. It could be argued that Frank Cho never left…

Sue Storm sketch cover.

One of three sketch covers I did at San Diego. This is fun piece where I take a jab at the lousy costumes of the 1990s, especially the outrageously revealing Invisible Woman costume complete with boob window shaped like the number “4”

Frank Cho, coming to a comic convention near you! And the outrage is free!

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