Time To Go Back To The Future! We Review Tokyoflash’s Satellite-X Watch

The second of the Tokyoflash watches we received for review in July is called the Satellite-X from Kisai. Before we delve into this one, I just want to point out that I enjoy seeing films and televisions shows where they create some kind of future technology you can’t explain but it works out to be the reason they do what they do. Think Quantum Leap or Sliders. So when you get a piece of modern tech that looks like it comes from the future, it puts an added little piece of geekdom to it.


The Satellite-X is an LED watch that uses a specific set of glowing rings to indicate the time. The biggest ring signifies the hour while the two smaller ones define the minutes, all by blinking a specific pattern. If you look at the photos above and below, you’ll see that the top watch is 3:14 pm, while the one below is 3:01 pm, which is indicated by the dial points not highlighted. The code itself can be confusing at first, but once you understand it, you can read the time instantly just by seeing what flashes when you light it up.


The watch is kept simple by only having one setting for the time, no alarm or date. That may be a turnoff for some, but keep in mind that the watch itself is more of a fashion statement than to be an all-in-one watch. This is emphasized by the idea that you can set an animation to go off every 15 minutes between 6 pm and midnight. The primary section to the watch is stainless steel while the band is silicone so that it wraps around with ease and doesn’t leave any nasty marks on the wrist. The best part of the entire watch is that it is USB charged. All you have to do us unscrew a small port on the side and plug it in. A single charge will last you 8-10 months depending on usage, and a nice alternative to battery replacements.


Overall, the Satellite-X is a great addition to the Tokyoflash line, and probably one of Kisai’s best works. I acknowledge that this watch won’t be for every geek, it’s for a certain kind of sci-fi fanatic that has a love for the visuals. This is literally the watch for people who want to playfully pretend they got somewhere else to be 20 years from now. It makes for a good conversation and will actually tell you the time, so good functionality on top of having a niche. Many people may not be into the price, but if you’re going to get a futuristic watch that will last you a long time and always be a conversation starter, you can’t really go wrong with it.

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