The Night Light This City Deserves: A New Set Of Pixel Pals Is Released

The Night Light This City Deserves: A New Set Of Pixel Pals Is Released

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One of the best things that we’ve been receiving in recent months has been the Pixel Pals from PDP. The company has been kind enough to send us a few in the past, and this month we got some really awesome items for review as we delve back into the worlds of Batman and Street Fighter.

We won’t go too much into the inner workings of them since we’ve reviewed them before, but as you can see, all three follow the same design and use as the previous models. They all take two AAA batteries int he back with a snap casing and a simple on/off switch to work the LED light inside. But since we already know how they work, let’s focus on the look of each instead.

First up is Ken Masters, wearing his red gi and orange sparring gloves. Of course, showing off the black belt and flowing blonde hair. The design of Ken, especially in the eyes, gives him a much more smartass look since he is the cockier of the two between him and Ryu. I enjoy this design a lot as it reminds me of old Mega Man villains when they used to look so sure of themselves on the selection screen before being taken down. I think this is a clever look for the character in his 16-bit form.

Akuma, on the other hand, looks a lot more menacing in his blue gi and big red hair. The glowing pink eyes are a great touch to show off his true power, but the skin tone looks to be a little off when lit up. I understand that you can only do so much with the color palette when they’re lit up, so while it does stand out, it is totally forgivable. A lovely touch on the mouth as well, just giving him a straight line as he stands tall. It would have been cool to see an alternate version with his back turned to you, but that probably would have been too complicated in this format.

The best of the trip is, of course, Batman. This particular design is going for the old-school ’70s and ’80s look where the caped crusader was in blue and gray, but not totally as cartoonish as his ’60 attire. Considering what little they have to work with, I think the symbol on his chest works out alright, along with the belt having two shades of yellow to define the pockets. But the best attention to detail was to have a flowing cape being him in a shade of blue sitting somewhere between his cowel and his armor on the color wheel.

Overall, these are great additions to the collection of Pixel Pals. I personally lean more toward Batman, but that’s because I’ve been a fan for ages. the Street Fighter figures look amazing and fit right in with the Chun-Li and Ryu versions I reviewed previous. I’m very excited to see what new designs come down the pipeline next month.

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