Hollywood Dirt Sheets Rumble Over Rumored James Bond Directors Yann Demange, Denis Villenueve and David Mackenzie

With the next film in the James Bond franchise setting a 2019 release date earlier this week, speculation is ramping up on who will direct the film, inflaming an old rivalry between competing Hollywood gossip rags.

james bond

Deadline, who seems very confident that Daniel Craig will return for the film (though there is no official confirmation of this), is reporting on a three-person shortlist for the director’s chair on the 25th Bond film: Yann Demange, Denis Villenueve, and David Mackenzie.

Meanwhile, Variety has a different story, saying Demange is the frontrunner and the others are out of the picture. Variety also believes Daniel Craig is “likely” to return.

However, Al Isaacs’ ScoopsCentral is reporting that the directorship will be decided by pitting all three men against each other in a Daniel Craig On A Pole Match, with the first competitor who manages to climb the poll, retrieve Daniel Craig, and convince him to star in one more James Bond film walking away with the job.

All three of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt — perhaps some more than others. We’ll keep you posted as this whole thing gets sorted out.

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