'Lego Worlds' Just Got Their New "Classic Space DLC" Today

‘Lego Worlds’ Just Got Their New “Classic Space DLC” Today

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In one of the few instances I can say the words “back in my day” and not sound like an old grump, the LEGO Space sets used to be the end-all-be-all for LEGO sets. Nevermind the cowboys, forget the castles, ignore the vikings—the space sets are where LEGO’s team of creators essentially went wild with designs and made stuff you’d never seen before. Clear-plastic cockpits, crazy wing configurations, lights on everything, and random rubber cords that connected some kind of fuel or gas to something else in your imagination.

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Depending on what generation of LEGO builder you are, the sets have either gotten better or worse. Everything is subjective when it comes to time, experience and point of view. But there’s no mistaking taking those ships or your own weird creations of ships and flying around on the moon. TT Games and WB Games have finally done something we should have had years ago and are only now experiencing it in LEGO Worlds: they’ve added that very space set to the game as DLC.

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Now much like other areas of LEGO Worlds, Classic Space is it’s own area with chests and objectives and games you can do within the confines of that area. The minute you drop into it you’ll see vehicles, flags, and most importantly, spacemen! You can go around and talk to different spacemen and find out about missions that need to be accomplished in order to open up other areas. You’ll also come across aliens and other not-so-firefly creatures who you’ll need to take care of. Luckily, you get a space blaster as part of the content.

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The look is very retro—the ground itself comes with the old-school roads that always made me wonder who was building gray roads on the moon. All the ships have the look and feel of that early ’80s era of spacecraft, along with the buildings and platforms. It’s like going back in time and finding your best friend build an entire moon area to play on during Christmas break. And because it’s in sandbox mode, you can do whatever you wish with it.

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All of the tools from the game are at your disposal. For fun I decided to see if I could get to the other side of the moon by digging a hole straight down. No such luck, but when I did find the bottom, it was in credible to discover how much room the developers allowed you to play in. If I truly wanted to, I could build an ant farm in the moon using spacemen, but that’s a project for a day when seven free hours and a passion to live like moles.

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There’s a lot to play with in the new DLC, but basically to sum it all up, this was a wonderful throwback for me that made me want to find my old sets and just start building stuff again. It’s a weird thing that is kinda hard to quantify in writing, its more of a nostalgia feeling that gives you goosebumps when you see it and brings a smile to your face. Like comfort food for the mind. I highly recommend snagging the DLC and having as much fun with it as you can, I highly recommend it for parents who used to play with these sets as a way to connect with your kids over a game. No complaints at all!

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