Donny Cates And Mags Visaggio On Marvel Legacy One-Shots – But Which Ones?

At San Diego Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about these Marvel Legacy one-shots: Shang Chi, Master Of Kung Fu #126, Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36, a dabbing Not Brand Echh #14, Dazzler #43, Power Pack #63, and Darkhawk #51.

You know, a bit like what DC Comics did during Blackest Night, with Atom & Hawkman, Catwoman, The Power Of Shazam, The Question, Starman, Weird Western Tales and Suicide Squad. Remember? No, me neither.

Well, while we don’t have too many more details a) it’s nice to remind folks when Newsarama are claiming they have the first look at artwork we ran last week and b) we understand that Donny Cates is writing one of the comics – and Mags Visaggio is writing another. Who’s doing which? Well, that’s for you to speculate…



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