A Comic Show Post-San Diego... "Some Jackass Who's Always On Bleeding Cool" - Robert Kirkman

A Comic Show Post-San Diego… “Some Jackass Who’s Always On Bleeding Cool” – Robert Kirkman

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Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, is back from San Diego Comic-Con where he reported for Bleeding Cool! And got video evidence from Robert Kirkman…

Hey Fandom, I’m back from SDCC with a few anecdotes, new books, and a special message from Robert Kirkman!

For DC I talked about GL/Colonel Sanders and Doom Patrol (and Metal coming 8/16). Marvel has Secret Empire, Venomverse, and Free Previews as Legacy Begins. Image has Saga, a nude Savage Dragon cover, Shirtless Bear-fighter, and Redneck. Then there’s Robotech’s relaunch and the biggest book of the week is Boom and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #1!
Also, please vote us, A Comic Shop for Best of Orlando! Robert Kirkman’s at the end of this video explaining why!

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