Diamond Says X-O Manowar #1 Was 10th Bestselling Comic In March, Not 12th As Previously Reported

Every month, Bleeding Cool runs Diamond monthly statistics for ordered comics for North American comic book stores. You may even get a little analysis, if you’re lucky. But how much does it matter? Quite a bit, apparently.

Diamond Comic Distributors to amended their records so that, in March 2017, the new X-O Manowar #1 is no longer the 12th bestseller of the month, but the 10th — which saw it beat both issues of Justice League out that month.

x-O manowar

Diamond explained it in a letter to retailers as a “billing error on Diamond’s part” as eligible issues ordered by retailers were not properly credited in March’s sales charts. And now they have been. See for yourself. Before…

…and after.

However, note that the massive discounts retailers received for ordering the comic has left its dollar ranking remaining where it was, at #13.

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