The Playback Room: A Comfy Alternative To Waiting In Line At SDCC

playback room comfort no footage

From Bleeding Cool reporter Mike Rupert:

There’s no getting around it — just about every panel room at the convention center has lines to get into them. Some extend down the length of the building, going outside, winding down the stairs, out to the marina. You can see people sitting in lawn chairs, umbrellas over their heads to protect them from the sun or with sleeping bags to cover up in overnight. These fans are determined to get in to see that the special movie panel or popular celebrity coming to plug their new movie.

If you wanted to get into a panel this weekend, you’ve likely spent anywhere from two to three hours — or even overnight — waiting in line. Depending where you are in line, you might not even get in for that special panel. At best, it’s still a way to meet new friends, but at worst, it’s a way to miss out on other panels and activities going on at Comic-Con. But there’s an alternative that has been around for a few years: the Playback Room.

playback room comfort no footage

The Playback Room, situated in the Marriott Marquis Hotel and next door to the convention center, replays panels held earlier in the day from Hall H and Ballroom 20. There’s one large TV screen that the panels are shown on. The ballroom seats 500 and is rarely packed to capacity. So what’s the catch? It doesn’t show the exclusive film footage that would be shown in Hall H or Ballroom 20. The screen goes blank briefly and comes back on once the lights would have been turned back on after the footage was shown. If you can do without watching the film footage and would enjoy freeing up your time to see more of the con, the Playback Room may be just for you.

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