An Hour With Adam Savage

An Hour With Adam Savage

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Johnathan Brendle writes for Bleeding Cool,

Many of you are familiar with Adam Savage and his work in special effects. Costuming has been an interest of his for many years. At 15, he made his first costume. It was a suit of armor made from aluminum that he wore to school and by math class, he had passed out. After waking up in the nurse’s office, his first words were “where’s my armor?”

Through years past, Adam has made a point of walking the floor of San Diego Comic-Con in full costume and going [mostly] unrecognized. This year was just the same and his costume paid homage to his first cosplay. He wore Arthur’s armor from Excalibur and was sweating a lot on the floor. Being in costume during this panel, I quickly found myself agreeing that this is something that is not fun to put up with but is totally worth the experience. “The elevator at Dragon Con,” Adam says, “is the worst smell you could possibly imagine.”

With advancements in materials and methods for construction, costumes have gotten more and more elaborate. If only it was as easy as wearing scrubs and sneakers. Adam, however, takes this craft and makes it a full time hobby. He calls himself a “high-functioning hoarder.”

A fan asked Adam if he ever kept any of the stuff used on the Mythbusters television show. “If I build it, it’s mine,” he says. His all-time favorite piece in his collection is the paper crossbow. Adam had to use Chinese newspapers as to not have any form of advertising o the show.

He talked about quite a bit of how large his collection actually is and how he is constantly adding to it. So, where does he store all of this? “I have three storage places in two states,” he says.

On Monday, July 24, Adam will start producing a new show. Unfortunately for us, he will not be in it but we will see some familiar faces from Mythbusters.


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