Geek Food: The Lich King Ice Cream At San Diego Comic-Con

Geek Food: The Lich King Ice Cream At San Diego Comic-Con

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Jeremy Konrad writes from San Diego Comic-Con:

Let me get this out of the way now: I don’t play Hearthstone, and I probably never will. I know zero about it.

OK, still with me? Cool.

So as I walked around the Interactive Zone at Petco Park, I was hot and roasting in the sun, so I decided to try out The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel. The line had just opened, so I got right in, but it filled up extremely fast. Apparently, this has something to do with a level boss in the game, but to me, it was nothing more than an awesome logo.

lich king

As we entered: sweet relief! And not from the ice cream, which came in the flavors on the board, but from how stupid cold it was on the inside. They were serving Villian-illa and Scourgeberry Sorbet. As a fan of food puns, I appreciated that. We only got to choose one, however, so I chose the sorbet, thinking it would be more refreshing.

After walking by The King himself (I’m still unsure whether or not he was a real person), I stepped out of the booth into the heat and enjoyed what turned out to be delicious strawberry sorbet. Too bad it took like, a nanosecond to eat — it was so small.

After giving back the sword and poster given to me so a real fan could get it, my time in this enchanted land came to an end. While it probably wasn’t worth the wait, they did a great job with the design and the sorbet was super good. Will I play the game though? Probably not, sadly. One never knows, though…

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