Pokémon Go Fest Attendees Being Offered $100 In-Game Coins Refunds

Well, that’s kinda lame. If you haven’t gotten word yet, the start to Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago went over about as well as a led balloon. Players were unable to connect to any networks, let alone the game itself, defeating the purpose to the festival to begin with as the goal of the event was to CATCH POKEMON!

To fix the problem, Niantic announced they’ll be giving attendees $100 of in-game coins as an “apology refund.” A lot of the celebration was built around the idea that players were going to try to catch an Unown, a brand new creature previously unavailable in the game. Not to mention the first of many legendary Pokémon that weren’t added into the game until now.

While some people may find the gesture to be acceptable, we personally find it to be a waste. If you’re one of the many who attends and don’t spend a dime on the game, and suddenly, you’re flush with $100 in the game that you can’t use to say… pay for the hotel or flight back, you might feel just a tad cheated. We still have tomorrow to see how much better or worse the fest could get.

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