How To Gatecrash VIP Parties At San Diego Comic-Con (With Apologies To Robert Kirkman)

Will Romine writes,

Robert Kirkman, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I crashed your party and I hope that we can still be friends.

Whenever I go to San Diego Comic Con I like to set time in my schedule to wander.  So much of my SDCC schedule is tightly regimented that I find without wandering time I close myself off to new experiences. One such experience was Skybound’s Livestream Party at the Harbor House Restaurant.

I attend a lot of events over SDCC week, and those events always give you a colorful wristband to confirm that you were invited – I don’t remove these wristbands. There are only so many colors in the rainbow and chances are multiple parties use the same color and, as it turns out, Skybound is fond of orange.

I sauntered in, snagged a gift bag, and enjoyed watching Robert Kirkman help two kids beat the crap out of Rick and Negan piñatas. I took a short video of the brutality, which you can enjoy below:

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