Today In Pop Culture For July 21: Carlin Arrested, Coldest Day Ever, NERDS!!!!, Deathly Hallows, WWE Vengeance, And More!

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Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, our daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool. So without further ado, here are some things that happened on July 21st, the 202nd day of the year.

1972- George Carlin is arrested for performing his Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television act in Milwaukee.

1983- The coldest natural temperature ever recorded at ground level happens in Vostok, Antarctica. -128.6 degrees F (−89.2 °C). No thanks!

1984- Revenge of the Nerds opens in theaters.

2007- The final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows is released.

Today in gaming history saw the release of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer in Japan (1999), Mario Tennis in Japan (2000), and today Splatoon 2! Go get it!

Today in Pro Wrestling history, in 2002 WWE held Vengeance live from Detroit, Michigan. In the main event, The Rock beats Kurt Angle and The Undertaker to capture his seventh WWE Championship. This was a record that would stand until 2009 when Triple H passed him. Neither has the record anymore however, that one belongs to John Cena. Also at this event, The Un-Americans, Christian and Lance Storm, defeated Edge and Hulk Hogan for the Tag Team Titles, ending Hulk’s only run with that title.


Today in Bleeding Cool history, since it is SDCC time now, let us look back to SDCC from 2011!

Today’s Birthdays include Ernest Hemingway writer (1899), Don Knotts actor (1924), Yusuf Islam fka Cat Stevens musician (1948), Garry Trudeau cartoonist (1948), Robin Williams comedian/actor (1951), Jon Lovitz actor/comedian (1957), Jamie Murray actress (1976)

Happy National Junk Food Day, a holiday I celebrate everyday.

And today in Disney history, in 1999 the very first FastPass in given out at Walt Disney World, allowing guests to avoid the long lines at rides where the pass is installed.

Enjoy your Friday everyone and have a great weekend reading all about SDCC!




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