Cat Quest's Dev Diary Is Everything We Ever Needed

Cat Quest’s Dev Diary Is Everything We Ever Needed

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PQube and The Gentlebros are pawtnering up to release the adorable indie adventure game Cat Quest. It’s a wonderfully cute RPG where you play as a cat adventurer in a world full of cats. It is basically the ultimate cat person RPG, and I’m pretty psyched for it, given that I am more fond of cats than humans on average.

The Gentlebros are a small indie development team from Singapore, and they recently sat down to chat about themselves, their inspiration, and give a little insight into the process of creating the ultimate catventure game. The first dev diary from The Gentle Bros is down below, and I definitely recommend giving it a watch when you have time. Because cats.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is a 2D action-RPG that tasks you to save the world of Felingard using a wide variety of equipment, powerful spells and expertly timed evasive abilities. With frantic real-time combat and a vast open-world to explore, Cat Quest provides a smooth and refined dungeon-crawling experience.

Cat Quest pounces on to Steam on August 8th and will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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