Is Nightcrawler Immortal Now? X-Men Gold #8 Preview Reveals All...

Is Nightcrawler Immortal Now? X-Men Gold #8 Preview Reveals All…

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Once upon a time, Nightcrawler died. In X-Force #26, he teleported to Hope’s aid in a battle with Fury-alike Bastion — but he detected Nightcrawler’s mutant powers activating and extended his arm where Nightcrawler was expected to appear. Nightcrawler rematerialized around Bastion’s arm, causing it to fuse inside of him, and was mortally wounded. With his last breath, he teleported Hope to Utopia, destroying Bastion. He died upon their arrival on the island.

Years later, in Amazing X-Men #1, he was discovered by other X-Men, in heaven.


He was then found in Heaven and brought back to the earthly realm with the rest of the X-Men. And now, in tomorrow’s Secret Empire crossover X-Men Gold #8 (warning, it also spoils the ending of Secret Empire a little), he gets in a bit of a scrape, and should have died. Except…

…he doesn’t. He can’t. Nightcrawler says that heaven won’t let him back in. So he is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Is he being literal? Given the beating he receives, maybe not. Maybe he should try for a rematch with the now-three fingered Bastion?

X-Men Gold #8 by Marc Guggenheim, Ken Lashley, Frank Martin and Andrew Crossley is published tomorrow by Marvel Comics.

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