James Cameron Immortalized As Colonial Marine For NECA Aliens Figure

Cameron! As a figure!They should have announced this tomorrow! It will be the 31 Anniversary of Aliens tomorrow!


Today  we have a look at a new figure joining the Aliens line: James Cameron himself! And he is a Colonial Marine!

Director James Cameron joins the Aliens universe as an action figure! The first-ever action figure featuring his likeness is a tribute to the process of creating the movie Aliens as well as the director himself. USCM Colonel Cameron becomes the highest-ranking officer in the Aliens movie universe.

The 7″ scale figure has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of James Cameron as he appeared during the filming of Aliens. There are a few fun Easter eggs relating to the director hidden on the figure itself: a Canadian flag shoulder patch, the Lightstorm logo, and a Pandora planet patch.

The figure comes with pistol, pulse rifle, and tracking device, plus two “behind-the-scenes” accessories: a replica clapboard and the viewfinder Cameron wore around his neck while filming for setting up shots.


It is funny that they make a big deal out of this being “the first time he has allowed his likeness to be used”. How many times has he been asked for it? This figure is pretty sweet however, and looks to fit right in with the other figures that have been released. I am also glad that they used his look from 1987 as well, as if there was any doubt they would. Between the NECA store and Toys R Us, they usually do a good job making these available to whoever wants to buy one, so getting it also probably will not be an issue.

Look for this on store shelves this November, just in time for Christmas. He is up for preorder now at The NECA Store. We will have full booth photos as well from SDCC later on this week, so stay tuned!




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